Tim Austin

Project Leader at Addvent since 2020
+ Tim walked through the 6 gates of Milan
+ Tim tasted the 12 types of Italian Pizza
+ Tim hiked his favorite trail in all 4 seasons of the year
+ Tim stood in awe of Rome's 13 historic obelisks
Tim is tasting 40 fine wines of Italy \ Tim is gazing up at 9 cloud formations in the sky \ Tim is visiting buildings by each of the 44 Pritzker Prize winning architects \ Tim is using 33 Italian hand gestures in conversation \ Tim is trying 12 different ways to cook an eggTim is touring the 9 historic homesteads of Lancaster County, PA \ Tim is taking 8 factory tours in the snack capital of America \ Tim is swimming in the 6 seas of ItalyTim is visiting the 20 regions of Italy \ Tim is tasting 9 Cocktails invented in MilanTim is attending 4 of Italy's historic carnivals \ Tim is learning to tie 20 essential knots  
04° 10' 44" 
Lititz, Pennsylvania